Bts reaction to you after your first time

Anonymous ask: Bts reaction to accidentally hurt you during your first time? Namjoon would halt his movements when he was fully inside you, smiling down at you sweetly as his hand cupped your cheek. Yoongi would freeze all movements when he heard your little whine of pain, fighting the urge to move, waiting until you were comfortable. Jimin would lean down, whispering small apologise to you as he placed small kisses on your cheek and down to your neck.

Taehyung would hate the fact he hurt you and would try his best to make you smile until you felt ready for him to move. Jungkook would bury his head in the crook of your neck, his breathing uneven as his hips remained still. Akdjfkf, thank you!! BTS Reaction Hurting you during your first time. Kim Namjoon Namjoon would halt his movements when he was fully inside you, smiling down at you sweetly as his hand cupped your cheek.

BTS Reaction To You Hugging Them During An Argument

You're amazing and can come and go as you damn well please!!! Anonymous asked: Omg, welcome back! Thank you!! Been going through it mentally but good thing is that I got a new phone yesterday and I love it!

And oooh new phone? None of it sounds mean at all! You can do whatever u want with your blog! If they don't like something, then they should leave! I mean, this is not a job and you don't have to write if you don't want to either It's not like u get paid for this or like we're wasting our money on you!

You're just sharing your amazing writing with us and we should be grateful! Dont feel pressured though because honestly its the worst feeling. Yee yee anon, I love it akskd thank you so much!!

bts reaction to you after your first time

I hope everything is good!Both you and Namjoon would try act cool about the situation, even though it was constantly on your mind, the both of you unable to stop smiling. Waking up you noticed Namjoon looking at you as you slept, when he noticed your eyes open he quickly picked up his phone, pretending to look interested in something.

When feeling more awake you sat up, wrapping one of the bed sheets around yourself. You playfully rolled your eyes before getting off the bed and going into the bathroom.

Jin would be shy about your night together, laughing whenever you mentioned it, but he would also have a lot of sweet gestures. Your eyes fluttered open slowly to see Jin standing beside the bed with a tray of food.

Slowly you sat up so that he could place the tray on the bed, he sat down on the bed, cutting up the pancakes so that he could feed them to you. You sat up in bed, looking round the room to see no sign of Yoongi. A sigh left your lips.

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You shook your head as you smiled at the food. Hoseok soon lost his balance, falling down as he tried pulling his jeans on.

He quickly stood up with an embarrassed expression. A small laugh escaped your lips. Jimin would be a bundle of cuteness, which would be completely different to the sexy persona he had the night before.

bts reaction to you after your first time

As you woke up, you felt a strong arm wrapped around your waist. You slowly rolled over to see Jimin still asleep, he looked so innocent.

BTS imagine ~After sex~🔞

As you opened your eyes you saw Taehyung looking at you with a smile on his face, it was clear to see that he had been watching you while you slept. Before you could protest, he took the pillow away from you and moved so that he was on top of you. Akdjfkf, thank you!! After your first time. Jeon Jungkook Jungkook would hide his shyness by acting cocky, in an attempt to tease you.

You're amazing and can come and go as you damn well please!!! Anonymous asked: Omg, welcome back! Thank you!! Been going through it mentally but good thing is that I got a new phone yesterday and I love it! And oooh new phone?When Jin heard the endearing nickname cutely slip from your lips as you called for him, he would let out a flustered laugh. Jin would blow you one of his signature kisses as he walked towards you.

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Originally posted by bwiseoks. Yoongi strikes me as a member who would enjoy a younger partner. Thus, he would definitely enjoy being called oppa. First there would be a slightly surprised expression on his face, then his eyes would grow soft. Originally posted by nnochu. Originally posted by kookiyoon. To Namjoon, being called oppa would be a major turn on but it would also be extremely cute to him.

Originally posted by namseok. Originally posted by minspink. You would be saying goodbye to Taehyung after a date and you would call him oppa without thinking about it. Originally posted by mvssmedia.

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Jungkook is a member who has shown a disliking to older fans calling him oppa. However, if his significant other was younger, I think he might like it. Or grow to like it. In my opinion, at least. He would shake his head. Originally posted by bangtanofarmys. Originally posted by bwiseoks Min Yoongi: Yoongi strikes me as a member who would enjoy a younger partner. Originally posted by mvssmedia Jeon Jungkook: Jungkook is a member who has shown a disliking to older fans calling him oppa.

GIFs do not belong to me. Posted 3 years ago with 98 notes Tagged: bts bangtan bangtan boys bts reactions kim seokjin jin min yoongi suga jung hoseok jhope kim namjoon rap monster park jimin jimin v kim taehyung jeon jungkook jungkook bts fluff.Summary : You decided to allow your boyfriend to be your first, after months of waiting, you finally felt ready.

I changed it a little bit so it would fit. Thank you for sending in a request!

bts reaction to you after your first time

He shook his head and basically threw himself off you. You just looked at him before leaning up and kissing him gently on the lips. Yoongi : You suddenly whimpered in pain at the sudden electric-like shock that went through your lower region as Yoongi pushed into you. Does it hurt? You loved Yoongi and you wanted to show him you loved him enough to give the one thing about yourself that you cherished the most to him. That was an accident. Hoseok : You lay there on your back, biting your bottom lip and squeezing your eyes shut as you felt Hoseok enter you, it was taking everything inside you not to gasp in pain.

Hoseok gave you a pained expression back, but it was more so emotional pain rather than physical. You rolled your eyes for the hundredth time. Even at times like this, Namjoon was trying to give you a lecture and widen your knowledge.

bts reaction to you after your first time

Namjoon blinked a few moments at you before shaking his head. Namjoon took hold of you, trying to stop you going any further. Let me handle it okay? Every time you whimpered, he stopped for a moment, letting you adjust, before continuing after checking you were okay. His little face looked so worried as he tried to dab at the blood from your lower region, but you just lay there, watching him, touched at how careful and caring he was, even now. If I pull out now, we might not get it back in again…I-…Are you hurt?

But you could handle the pain this time, before it completely disappeared and you spent the night in bliss with the man you loved. Taehyung : He had everything sorted out, he wanted the night to be perfect for you.

Was he saying you smelled? As you lay there, towel beneath you just in case, Taehyung sat there looking more nervous than you did about what was about to happen. I mean…I love you, like, a lot….

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It will hurt too…Maybe a few times after. You placed your hand on his cheek and giggled. You tried to cut the conversation short and get on with what you were doing, Jungkook was as gentle as he could be, but he was constantly asking you if you were okay and if you should stop. Who were you to turn down an offer like that? Masterlist Ask me something!You were wearing tiny little shorts around the house, it was easier to move.

As you began to put on a movie you bent down to put the disk in. You heard a little groan. He would not have you walking around with those tiny shorts. He was having none of it. You are not getting away with wearing that around the house and not expect me not to do anything. You were walking around in tiny shorts trying to help him get ready, you kept hearing Suga let out a little groan now and then as his eyes wondered to your backside. I think someone needs a punishment. You were dancing with your boyfriend, Hoseok.

But you were teasing Hoseok badly, You swayed your hips, Hoseok was taking a break drinking his water as he watched, soon you took a tumble. Falling onto your butt. He put the water down and squatted down. There is nothing here to do. But at home I can do you. The whole night, he kept looking at your backside. He almost had a little anger in his face as he knew the other guys were looking.

He quickly shoved everyone out and turned to face you. To make me jealous? Well it worked, now you are gonna pay. So you decided he need to learn a lesson. You walked around with your tiny shorts on, Let me just say Taehyung was very angry about it, so when you went into the kitchen, he let off a little smile to his friends passing off like everything was ok. But once out of sight, his dark eyes of lust came out and went to you. Jungkook stared at you, as you bent down getting the pans out to cook.

He smirked to himself and walked up to you behind. His muscles tensed as he grabbed your hips slamming into his. Animefuko I am just an 20 year old girl, with autism.

My dream has always been to make people happy. Posted by animefuko Wrong Choice princess. Opens in new window 1, notes Text Post posted 2 years ago. Opens in new window.Thanks for the request! I love you. Originally posted by yourpinkpill. Hobi instantly starts to sob and holds you so tightly. He hates fighting with you but sometimes his anger gets the best of him. He gently rocks you in his arms and strokes your hair and sprinkles kisses across your cheeks and lips.

Originally posted by pastelyoonseok. Oh boy. He gently pushes you off of him and storms off. You two make up later and hug it out. Originally posted by mvssmedia. Jin is a little bit like Jimin. He holds you by your upper arm and pushes you back a little, still holding onto you.

He speaks to you softly, looking into your eyes. We can cuddle after, okay? Originally posted by jiminahhh. Originally posted by jeonbase. Tears prick at his eyes as he holds you and whispers apologies in your ear since he was the one who started to yell at you for breaking a clock.

You hugging him calmed him down and made him notice how he could of been spending the time he spent yelling at you loving you instead. He would randomly say things he wanted to say later on though.

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BTS Reaction To: You (Their Younger Significant Other) Calling Them Oppa

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