Funny slack channel names

Add social media to Slack, organize the lunch order, or find a new way for team members to connect. Apps in this category bring human connection to the work day. App Directory. Sign in to another workspace. View all categories. Lunch Train. Giphy An online library of animated GIFs.

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Simple Poll Create native and simple polls in Slack. Twitter Bring tweets into Slack. Caption your favorites. Donut Grab a remote donut or coffee. Build stronger happier teams.

Naming channels by convention

GameMonk Fun games for your team, designed to energize and inspire. GreetBot Onboard new teammates to your workspace. Bitmoji Share bitmojis in Slack. Meme Bot Spice up your team conversation with memes! Bonusly Spark frequent and timely recognition by integrating Bonusly with Slack.

Disco Disco makes it easy to celebrate your company culture and values. Gfycat Find and send high quality animated GIFs. Vote Allow teams to anonymously vote on anything.

Reacji Channeler Send messages from one channel to another using emoji.An app that watches for new public channels and checks whether their name matches an existing channel category. If it does match an existing category, the app posts a notification to the parent channel for the category. For example, if you have a category of channels that starts with support- for different types of support, a notification would get sent into the overarching support channel when a new support- channel is created.

The event will include the channel name and ID.

funny slack channel names

The app assumes that everything before the first hyphen in the channel name is the prefix used as part of the channel naming convention. Using the channel prefix the checks its datastore to see if a matching channel category already exists. If it does, the app will send a notification to the category's parent channel that includes the new channel's name and purpose.

To get the channel's purpose, the app has to call the conversations. The notification to the parent channel is sent via the chat. In instances where the channel's prefix doesn't match any existing channel categories, the app will prompt the user to create one. Using chat.

The message will include "Yes" and "No" buttons. To include message actions such as buttons and menusyou'll need to enable Interactive Messages in the app settings and supply a URL where Slack can send the button click event. Using the response URL, replace the 'Yes' and "No" buttons with a message menu and ask the user to select the parent channel for the new channel category. The request will include information about the channel the user selected and the channel they took the action in. Using this information, the app will save a new channel category in its datastore.

It will also use chat. Naming channels by convention Use cases: Let teams know about new channels that are relevant to them Enforce naming conventions for channels. Code samples: GitHub Glitch. Was this page helpful?The Slack app or Slack.

Slack collaboration has proven to be a more effective way to get things done at work and Slack communities have even made the tool a great alternative to social media for some users in their free time. Users can even buy Slack stock if they want to add some technology to their portfolio. Slack Technologies launched in after being formed from the development of an online game.

If you sign up for a Slack login, it requires a two-part authentication for privacy protection. Paid versions offer many additional features and storage options. The Slack app landing page is very straightforward and will get you into Slack new registration so you can then view the Slack get account process. Once you open Slack you have a world of collaboration tools examples at your fingertips.

The main feature of the Slack app is its direct messaging capability. Teams can be set up on private or public Slack workspaces within an organization. You can find Slack workspaces for any combination of reasons to collaborate. This allows real-time conversations via text or with voice and video calls, document sharing and a host of additional tools. Because Slack integrates with Google Drive, Docketand dozens of other productivity apps, you can see how it quickly opens a wide range of possibilities.

Once a new employee completes a Slack free sign up from the Slack landing page, a Slack admin on each team can send them an invite to the various channels they need access to. Slack sign in with email is then immediately available. Group discussions and DM are then available, as well as voice and video calls, and all of the additional tools and features that the user needs. You can set up a general company-wide channel in Slack that allows messages to be sent to everyone. Slack also allows you to set individual channels for different teams.

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This allows you to reduce meeting sizes and save time by only inviting necessary staff to certain meetings. Slack shared channels then allow teams to work together in real-time while being compartmentalized. Public slack workspaces can be used for more water cooler-type discussions, while the private slack channel for a team is where the real work takes place unhindered.

Another nice thing about meetings in slack is that because the platform is primarily text-based, the more domineering personality types that can eat up a lot of time in meetings are on equal footing with your quiet, creative types that you may not hear from as often. One thing you might not realize is that there are a lot of interesting Slack channels that you can find for use in your free time.

These range from funny Slack channels to groups of like-minded professionals sharing personal insights or maintaining a Slack wiki, Slack app wiki, or team wiki. You can also find Slack productivity tips, Slack productivity statistics, and Slack entrepreneur communities among the many tools and teams that can help drive greater success as you implement and integrate Slack into your business process.

A few more great tips to get you started:. Launch is a great Slack channel for creative types who are interested in coding and web design or development.

Communicating with Channels

People is a channel known for attracting team leaders, HR professionals, and managerial types. VC Club is a Slack channel for people interested in investing in new startups. Freelance is the place to be on Slack if you want to share your experiences working as a freelancer. CodeNewbie is the channel for folks just getting started in programming. In addition to free options, there are a number of essential Slack channels you can pay to join that are available once you have a Slack sign in.

These include Startup for people launching startup ventures, CreativeTribes for marketing professionals, and Workfrom which is geared toward remote workers. There are so many integrations available with Slack to help improve your team culture and work experience.

Docket offers an easy integration that will take meeting agenda and recap notifications to Slack for those who prefer chat over email.Last week, emoji continued their unstoppable invasion into Slack.

The proliferation was the result of a new Slack feature that allows people to pick an emoji and type some words to create a status, as if on AIM or MSN Messenger. The rest of my sidebar was populated with random emoji: a moon, a grimacing face, Spider Man, a tractor. For a feature like this to work as Slack apparently intended, it requires wide buy-in. The company chose straightforward emoji for its five default statuses: in a meetingcommutingout sickvacationingand working remotely.

When people choose wacky emojis, it scrambles the meaning of the status-update system. And unless everyone in a group is expected to regularly update their work status, a name without a status emoji could signal anything. If that expectation does arise, however, the added convenience could bring with it a new burden for Slack-bound employees.

Now, more than four million daily users on Slack wear their status on their sleeves. Since Slack is an instant-messaging platform, a response is usually expected relatively instantly.

To address that, the company introduced a do-not-disturb mode in that suppresses notifications on command, or during a specified span of nighttime hours. The new status messages for work open the possibility of setting even higher expectations for employees to account for every moment they spend on the clock—and off it. With that status in place, I feel okay muting Slack for a while. Sorry, boss. All this oversharing would be great for Slack. The more closely the idea of working is tied to being active on its software, the more Slack ingrains itself into workplace culture—and the more easily the company could sell new features, or keep an office from switching to another, cheaper chat platform.

The line between what feels like reasonable accountability and overbearing corporate surveillance likely differs from person to person.

Instead, the statuses feel a little like early AIM away messages right now. But under different circumstances, it could feel like work. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic.

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Status: Do Not Disturb. Kaveh Waddell is a former staff writer at The Atlantic. Connect Facebook Twitter.If an established friendship is in place, work conversations happen more easily, and processes run more smoothly. Hobby Clubs - Whether reading, jousting, gardening, or sailing is your thing, conversation is never lacking when discussing a shared passion.

Support Groups - We could all use some encouragement during tough times single parenting, addiction recovery, weight loss, etc. Debate Team - Sometimes it just feels good to get something off your chest or really dig into controversial topics. Provide a safe space for anyone to discuss and debate sensitive content, but be sure to set clear rules to ensure conversation stays healthy, proactive, and respectful.

Inspirational Poster - Need a little push to meet a tight deadline?

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Hop in here to look at a serene landscape photo or read a motivational quote that will recharge you for your final stretch. Bonus: integrate humblebot for a daily reminder on how to be a wonderful human being.

Welcome, Newbies! You can even integrate the donut. Agile Reports - Eliminate time-wasting team standup calls with a geekbot integration that will prompt each team member to report at an appointed time by answering custom questions.

Then managers can get caught up on daily progress with only a quick skim. Shark Tank - No matter what role a team member has, he or she will inevitably have ideas for improving the company. Encourage these concepts to be shared and evaluated here.

funny slack channel names

Then, at the end of the month or quarter, take a poll on the most promising concept. Invite the proposer to spearhead the project and see where it takes them Random is for you. Are there other Slack channels your distributed company uses? She always has a notebook and pen within arm's reach, never sits with both feet on the floor, and drives safely without depth perception. Back Twitter Facebook YouTube. Laurel Farrer. Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0 0 Likes.C ommunication is key for any office to succeed.

Gone are the days of the physical memo passed from desk to desk. Good riddance. Thankfully these recycle bin fillers have been replaced by the convenience of email and chat. Slacka real-time messaging application for modern teams, has dramatically redefined workplace communication as we know it.

But real-time messaging comes with its own set of rules and etiquette. To save you from the possibility of a serious workplace chat faux pas, here is my list of what not to do on Slack. Slack has an amazing list of emojis, and a bonus feature that allows you to create your own custom emojis. Have you ever sat back and honestly evaluated how much time you spend on Slack on a daily basis?

Is it slowing taking over your life? Looking for your next fix? You may have a serious problem. Slack addiction is real, and it can happen to anyone.

But no one wants to be constantly overwhelmed by a Slack comedian. Slack offers teams the ability to freely discuss on an infinite variety of subjects thanks to the ability to easily upload images, video, and link to URLs. You should definitely stay away from that caps lock! It affords me the time I need to carefully craft a coherent response and understand a conversation.

Use your best judgment. So keep these basics in mind when navigating the complex world of real-time messaging in a work environment.

Got any Slack tips of your own? Share them in the comments below! Caitie Gonzalez is a graduate from U.

funny slack channel names

Santa Barbara with a B. Performance Marketing Search Marketing.

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Caitie Gonzalez on October 2, Posted in: Performance MarketingSearch Marketing. All Posts.

The 5 essential Slack channels you didn’t know your team needed

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Start learning what phone calls can do for you.Slack is an instant messaging app used by millions of daily users. But Slack is more than a simple messaging app.

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Advanced searching tips. But there are a lot more shortcuts you can use to fine-tune your search.

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You can exclude channels from your search, look for messages that have links, starred items, and emoji reactions in them, filter messages from a specific user, search by day by using a built-in calendar, etc. Message yourself or slackbot to set and schedule reminders.

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The format to set a reminder is as follows:. Once you set a reminder, slackbot will confirm it:. Access an infinite pool of GIFs. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a gif has probably an even higher word value. Did you know you can collapse all inline images and videos in your slack conversations? Apply all kinds of formatting to text.

One of the ways to change your Slack status is to click on your name. However, there are also keyboard shortcuts you can use to instantly change your status, and these are only visible to you. Any messaging app allows you to turn notifications off, but in Slack you can choose to be notified of particular keywords or phrases. This is perfect for following up with someone in a group discussion, or if you want to respond to a comment privately.

You could edit or delete any message you send on Slack by clicking the three dots next to the message. Or you can also build a custom theme scroll down below the premade themes and share it with others. Make your own emojis.

funny slack channel names

Fill out the form to make your emoji, by giving it a name and an image. Slack is all about productivity and time efficiency. Jumping between convos can be time consuming and sometimes confusing. Easily add missing characters and default messages.

Slack has a lot of great features for designers and web developers. You can send tiny color swatches by simply typing out the HTML color code and hitting enter. Sometimes there are no words. You can do pretty much anything on Slack without ever touching your mouse or trackpad. There are over 30 keyboard shortcuts ranging from uploading a file, to creating a code snippet.

You can turn them off or choose to only be notified for direct messages and your highlighted words. You can customize pretty much everything on Slack. Tired of answering the same questions every day? You can set up slackbot to answer frequently asked questions.

Remember seeing someone mention your name, but got caught up and lost track of it?